Our Philosophy in a Few Words

Thanks to our many years of strategic and conceptual expertise in live communication, we can help you create, plan, and host corporate events, especially in the automotive, financial services, and industrial manufacturing sectors. We work quickly, stay flexible, and focus on your message.

To ensure the best results, our management is part of every project team. Together with our specialized experts, we solve your tasks with an eye for innovation and excellent quality.

In a Nutshell

Five excellent reasons for choosing jaeger + haeckerhase


Personal interactions are irreplaceable. Human beings are inherently social and want to gather around the fire. This is our core belief.


More than 50 years of industry experience as an agency. We hold ourselves to the highest standards.


We tell you what we can and cannot do. Before we get started.


We are happy to face honest competition, while also taking some measures to make our chances and risks calculable.


We are looking for strong relationships. We value mutual trust, openness, and appreciation, and we are passionate about maintaining this kind of relationship.