Markus Jäger, Denis Häcker, and Michael Hasselbusch are united by a shared passion for effective brand communication and their love for their job.

They have been accompanying business from various sectors with strategic tasks and the planning and implementation of live communication measures for more than 20 years.

In August 2011, they founded jaeger und haeckerhase together.

Markus Jäger loves the South Tyrol Alps as much as a straightforward sandwich and clear strategic thinking. He benefits from many years of experience as a managing partner in live communication and brings his passion for the mountains to every project: A good outlook and bird’s-eye view are his recipe for success.

Horsepower all around.

Denis Häcker likes being around horsepower – in the literal equestrian sense as well as with fast cars. His strength lies in understanding the viewpoint of a business, thanks to his many years at Toyota. The perfect background for understanding our customer needs and tailoring our projects to achieve exactly the right results.

A true epicurean.

Treating himself and others – a simple and clear life philosophy for creative head Michael hasselbusch. He enjoys nothing more than approaching whatever he does with special attention. Our customers benefit from this diligence with any creative concept, and our team gets to enjoy it whenever he’s the one preparing the company lunch.