What does the future of transportation look like for Toyota?
Toyota is taking on the challenges of the future with smart solutions for modern transportation, now and tomorrow. Cities are posing the main challenge and require new solutions. The C-HR is an excellent starting point.

What role does the C-HR play in all this?
The C-HR has let us do a lot of pioneering work on how to address new urban target groups in the cities. The car is no longer a mundane part of everyday lives, but represents a special experience in urban environments and was designed specifically for life in the city. It was created with a clear focus on the needs of young people living in cities, who are always on the move.

What changing values of this target group does it reflect?
The vehicle primarily addresses two isues: On the one hand, there is a metropolitan trend of young people wanting cars that are perfect for urban life. On the other hand, they share a strong desire for individuality and finding their own “flow”, which is emphasized by the way the hybrid car moves. You can drive it through the city like a go-kart – despite sitting like in an SUV. Lastly, the revolutionary design of the C-HR is simply different and unique.

A statement about jaeger + haeckerhase?
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Niels Klamma
Leiter Kommunikation, Marketing
Toyota Deutschland